Church Coordinators

Most church coordinators are caring individuals, who are happy to help you out. However, keep in mind that their main responsibility is to make sure the church policies are followed. When you have your own professional on hand, their main responsibility is to assist you and your wedding party. If you want to bring in your own coordinator, make sure your church allows it.

Venue Coordinators

If you’re having your ceremony at a wedding venue, you may not have a ceremony director. If you have a venue coordinator, confirm early on whether or not their duties include rehearsal and ceremony direction. I’ve frequently received frantic last minute calls from couples and mothers of the bride who have just realized their venue coordinator’s duties do not include ceremony and rehearsal direction.

I rarely provide ceremony direction these days, but my sister company,Simply Hitched, specializes in providing wedding day services.  Email or call Rebecca at 865.590.9053 for more information on ceremony direction services.