A wedding designer specializes in design. While designers may also plan weddings, that isn’t always the case. Some designers just want to design. Others might be willing to plan weddings, but planning may or may not be one of their strong suits. You’re better off to choose a professional who specializes in the area in which you need the most help.

If you have time to plan,  but need someone to take your already over the top vision to the next level, a wedding designer could be a good choice for you.

Short on time and feeling panicky at the thought of pulling it together? Hire aplanner who can guide you through the maze of venue and vendor options, manage your details while you enjoy being engaged, and make suggestions for bringing your wedding vision to life.

We actually fall into this latter category, and would love to chat with you about how we can help create a beautiful wedding day. Make an appointment for a short phone chat, and let’s decide together if we’re a good match. If so, we can schedule a face to face meeting to discuss how to make it happen.