“Day of” coordinating is a frequently used term but no one can show up the day of your wedding and make sure everything goes smoothly, without putting in a good bit of time beforehand. Coordinating may start during your wedding week, wedding month or even a few months before your wedding.

How Much Time is Required?

A thorough coordinator will put in at least 20-30 hours between meetings, emails, phone calls, reviewing contracts contacting vendors, preparing timelines, running the rehearsal, directing the ceremony, overseeing reception setup, coordinating the reception and overseeing strike. Whew, I’m exhausted from just typing all that!

Why is There Such a Cost Disparity Among Coordinators?

If you run across coordinators who are charging significantly less than everyone else, it may be a clue that they’re either inexperienced or they aren’t putting in the time beforehand to make sure everything runs smoothly on the wedding day.

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