Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown

Anne Barge designs for the bride who wants to look as lovely and stylish on her mother’s mantel in 30 years as she does on her wedding day. Her advice for wedding gown shopping is to buy the best gown you can afford.

When choosing gowns to try on, if there is anything you like about a gown and it is within your budget, go ahead and try it. You might be surprised and find that you love it.

I have to say I agree with her. Once upon a time, when I was shopping for a gown, I took my mother back to the store to see a ballgown I had tried on. Being her typical budget minded self, she went straight for the clearance rack and pulled out a half price empire waist gown. It wan’t the style or fabric I was looking for, but I liked the lace bodice & sleeves, so I reluctantly agreed to try it on. Before it was even zipped, I knew I had found the perfect gown.

To summarize combined tips from Anne Barge and Yours Truly:

  • Buy the best dress you can afford
  • If you like anything about a dress, try it on
  • Don’t be afraid to look on the clearance rack
  • Your mother isn’t always wrong

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