OK, I’m way behind in blogging on this great event I attended, but seeing as it happened on the front end of the spring wedding season, I’ve had a lot on my plate since then. Style in the Sky was a great educational and social event for brides and wedding professionals.

It included dinner with Sylvia Weinstock ( of the great big glasses and amazing wedding cakes fame,) breakfast with David Tutera (of My Fair Wedding fame,) and gowns by Anne Barge, Tricia Fix and Heidi Elnora.

Our Entrance

The kick off event was a cocktail party on the rooftop of the Redmont Hotel. The event logo was projected onto the street, and attendees walked a red carpet, complete with Hollywood lights and red roping. We walked inside to amazing up lit flower arrangements, pulsating music and edgy brides suspended from the ceiling on swings. It looked like quite a party.

The Search for Food

Of course, since was later in the evening, we immediately started looking for the food. We were told that it was upstairs, so we waited in line for the one elevator that was headed toward the rooftop. When we got there, we were told that food was on the second floor, which could only be reached by waiting in line for the same elevator, taking it down to the first floor and climbing the stairs to the second floor.

The Search for More Food

Once we got there, the pickings were slim. We put a few meager portions on our plate, with the intention of making a second trip when the food was replenished. Imagine our frustration when we returned a few minutes later to find the food being taken away. Have you ever noticed how grumpy hungry people can be?

The Moral of the Story

It doesn’t matter how much excitement you create about your wedding, how beautiful your flowers and decor are or where you have your wedding. If you don’t budget enough money for food, you will have grumpy and unhappy guests, who are likely to resent your expensive venue and decor, rather then be impressed by it. They’ll also leave the party early in search of more food.
As for me, I ended up in a hotel room full of wedding planners, ordering out pizza and watching Bride Wars. All in all, not a bad way to spend the evening