Your Guests will appreciate an absence of the following scenarios:

  • Chair saving (we’ve all done it, but we all resent it when we come up on the losing end of it.)
  • Splitting of families and tight friend groups when no one table has enough seats for all of them.
  • Crowding of tables when families and tight friend groups refuse to split.
  • Awkwardness for guests who don’t know anyone else at your wedding (I’ve been there, and trust me, I really appreciated the times I had assigned table mates.)

Still Not Convinced?

  • Place cards add a more elegant seated dinner ambience for those who want the graciousness of a seated dinner, but for one reason or another have a buffet.
  • Let’s get real.  Place cards can be such a clever way to add personality and creativity to wedding decor.

Check out these great examples from to get some ideas for flaunting your personal style on your wedding day.

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