Hire Your Planner First

So many out of towners try to mix in their planner interviews while they’re in town to meet with vendors and venues.This process wastes much of your valuable time.

An experienced planner can pre-screen and weed out people and places who won’t fit your style, guest numbers and budget, and possibly recommend hidden gems you’ll overlook online.  You get much more bang for your buck when you choose your planner first and rely on her guidance.

Choose Your Venue Second

Hold off on interviewing other wedding pros, until you have your venue nailed down. Not only will this cut down on mental confusion, but until you have a venue, you don’t have a wedding date. Until you have a wedding date, you don’t know which vendors are even available. Your time in town is very valuable, so you don’t want to waste it meeting with people who won’t even be in the running.

Check Out Potential Wedding Pros Very Carefully

If you don’t have a planner to prepare a short list of qualified wedding professionals, you need to check out potential wedding pros very carefully. Most areas of the wedding industry have a relatively low entry barrier, meaning that neither a large cash outlay nor formal training are required. Those of us who have been in the industry for several years have seen many vendors come and go. You don’t want to trust one of the most important days of your life to someone who may not know what they’re doing, or is just trying out a new side job.

Schedule a Power Planning Trip

Once you have your venue, schedule a power planning trip to choose your wedding pros. Make sure you allow enough time to take frequent breaks. I don’t recommend going on more than two or three appointments before taking a break. Two is ideal, if time allows. If time and proximity allow, schedule more than one planning trip. If you’re only able to make one trip, pardon me while I step back up on my planner soapbox.

Some people are hesitant to hire a planner first, because they’re concerned they won’t need one if they eventually have a venue coordinator. We offer a venue search service, which enables you to get professional guidance in finding the perfect venue for your wedding. If you still need planning services after the fact, you can always hire us to do more. Email or call me at 865-622-2093 for more information.