What is a Wedding Consultant?

Consultant isn’t a frequently used title, but it’s actually an umbrella term for all of the other titles. A qualified consultant can do it all, but they don’t necessarily do it all with the same level of expertise.  Some consultants may specialize in design, while others specialize in planning, organizing, and making sure your wedding day runs smoothly.

To add to the confusion, some florists, gift registries, bridal shops, and other businesses call their sales people bridal consultants or wedding consultants.

Stop the Confusion!

Good grief. Newly engaged couples have enough to figure out, without being further confused regarding the one professional who is supposed to help guide them through it. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as my blog post series helps you make sense of it all.

Still confused? Email or call me at 865-622-2093, and we’ll figure out the kind of help you need. If I don’t provide it, I’ll steer you to someone who does.