How Do Venue Coordinators and Coordinators Differ?

  • The number one priority of a venue coordinator is to make sure the venue is running smoothly on your wedding day. Making sure your vendors are arriving and getting you down the aisle on time may or may not be part of their job. Make sure you understand exactly what your venue coordinator will do for you.
  • Most venue coordinators work many more weddings than independent planners. While some planners might over do it, few have weddings every weekend during peak season for Knoxville weddings (April – October.) Popular venues may have two or three weddings per weekend, and a few may have two wedding per day. Yikes!
  • Independent planners refer vendors based on their knowledge of couples’ style, taste and budget. Since it’s not the job of most venue coordinators to have that knowledge, they may refer vendors based on whether or not they like their work or their personality. Important traits to be sure, but not exactly customized to your needs.
  • Some venue coordinators’ job security depends on how much money they make for the venue. One way they do this is to add service charges when they book and coordinate your vendors.  There’s nothing unethical about with this practice, since it compensates them for time spent making arrangements, and most Knoxville venue coordinators are upfront about it. However, when you hire your own planner, their responsibility is to help you find the best products and services for the best price. Some independent planners might upcharge as part of their pricing model, so that’s something you need to clarify before you sign a contract.
  • When you hire an independent planner/coordinator, you’re usually contracting a specific person. Sure, something could happen to keep them from being present on your wedding day, but it’s not very likely. When you contract with a venue, you have no guarantee the venue coordinator you’ve worked with will still be employed by that venue on your wedding day.  Click here to read about a possible wedding fiasco I was able to head off for one of my couples.

Which Comes First: The Planner or the Venue?

If you’re not sure you’ll hire you own planner, consider hiring us to conduct a venue search for you. That’s a service we created mainly for couples planning a wedding from out of town, but we’ve had some local couples take advantage of it, as well. If you want to continue working together after you find your venue, we’ll start from scratch with a brand new custom contract, specific to your venue.

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