Romantic Caribbean Vacation

Romantic Caribbean Vacationromantic-Caribbean-vacation

I know what it’s like. You work all day and run around all evening. In the midst of the hub-bub, you may or may not speak a full sentence to each other before you go to bed. You need time to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect as a couple. 

When you take a romantic Caribbean vacation, it’s important to choose a destination which meets your expectations. Caribbean islands, areas of the islands, resort brands and even resorts within each brand can be very different.

All Caribbean islands don’t have white sand beaches and gently lapping turquoise water. How much you like and island or a particular resort on that island depends on whether you’re beach or pool people.

One resort may have grass, palms and charming one story villas, while another hotel within the same brand is a sleek high-rise. If you’re expecting one and get the other… well, let’s not go there. Literally.

All-inclusive hotels are a great choice, but they definitely aren’t all the same. Some provide free transfers from the airport and some don’t. Some have fine dining and some don’t. Some have a class system and some don’t. Some require wristbands and others don’t. You get the picture.

Whether you’re planning a milestone event, or your annual romantic Caribbean vacation, you want to be at a resort which meets YOUR expectations. 

Let me help you with that. 

Exchange Your Briefcase for a Beach Bag, Your Desk Chair for a Chaise Lounge, and the Rat Race for Romance

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