Here is the answer! The music should first be respectful of the place in which the ceremony is held, whether it be a church, temple or synagogue.  Many houses of worship have strict rules regarding music, so make sure you read your paperwork.

If you’re having a fairly traditional or sacred ceremony, maybe you can recess down the aisle to your favorite song after the ceremony, setting the tone for your reception to come. It can even be an instrumental played by the musicians you have hired for your wedding.  This can make your music at your wedding beautiful and respectful, while at the same time making it unique to you as a couple.

More and more brides are choosing to go with something a little more eclectic and more specific to them.  However, traditional music is timeless and creates a classic atmosphere.  Your must decide which choice best suits you.  After all, music sets the tone for your wedding, which you’ll be looking back on for years to come.