“Plus Plus” or “++” is a common catering term, which means “food plus tax, plus gratuity.”  A $5,000 food and beverage bill increases to $6,555 when tax and a 20% gratuity are added in. If that amount isn’t planned into the budget, it will be a $1,555 surprise.

Before signing a contract, make sure you understand all charges:

  • Are all charges on the con­tract, including tax, gratuity, bar charges, equipment rentals, service linens, etc?
  • When does food service start?
  • If you’re not having a plated dinner, how long will the food be out?
  • How many servers will be available for the event?
  • Does the catering quote include disposables or china and silverware?
  • Is all catering equipment included in the proposal?
  • Will the caterer provide linens for their service tables?
  • Does the bar quote include just bartenders or ice , setups and glassware?
  • If you use a cake baker other than your caterer, will there be a cutting fee?
  • Will the cutting fee include disposables or china and silverware for cake service

Find out what is done with the leftover food

Technically, since you’ve paid for it, it may be yours to take. How­ever, because of insurance policies and state regulations, some Knoxville caterers and venues don’t allow you to take the leftover food.

If it is yours to take, ask the caterer if they’ll provide disposable contain­ers for you to use, or if you need to bring some from home.  Also, find out if they’ll package it for you, or if you’ll need to assign someone to that task.

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