Just think about how much you would pay to eat out at a typical casual dining restaurant.  A meal and a couple of drinks could easily cost you $30.  Add 20% tip and tax, and you are up to $40.

Now, multiply that by 150 guests for a total of $6,000, and you start to get the picture.   Notice, I said you start to get the picture, because you probably don’t want casual dining at your Knoxville wedding.  Rather, most couples want to throw the party of their lives.

Feeding Your Guests

When planning your party, make sure you don’t get so carried away with carrying out all of your Pinterest dreams,that you skimp on feeding your guests. While they may ooh and ah over your carefully planned visual details when they first arrive, they’ll eventually become annoyed and leave your party in search of food, if they’re hungry.

Keep in mind that many of your guests will invest a lot of time and money to attend your Knoxville wedding, and you want to treat them as graciously as you would in your home. You don’t have to provide every food and beverage option under the sun, but you should feed them appropriately for the time of day, and foot the bill for all food and drinks.

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