Best Caribbean All-Inclusive Resorts

How Does it Work?best-Caribbean-all-inclusive-resorts-for-weddings

Basically, I’m a matchmaker between you and the best Caribbean all-inclusive-resorts.

Caribbean islands are not all the same and all-inclusive resorts are not created equal. You want a resort which matches your style and personality, as well as your guests’ pocketbooks. 

Step 1 – Tell me your wedding dreams.  Fill out my contact form.

Step 2 – I do the work.  My services are provided at no cost to you, but I obviously wouldn’t stay in business if I worked for free. Your $250 service fee covers the time I spend matching you with your ideal destination. When you book your trip through me, the service fee goes towards the cost of your trip. Your chosen resort will pay me by commission. 

  • “Fun” Fact #1:  Did you know you don’t save money by booking directly? Your resort either pays a travel professional or keeps the commission to themselves. They rarely pass it on to clients.
  • “Fun” Fact #2:  Big box discount travel websites are actually travel agencies. You’ll do all the work and they’ll get the commission. Then, when you call to ask a question or make payment, they’ll have no idea who you are.
  • Fun Fact #3:  I work directly with travel wholesalers and can almost always match deals you find on impersonal travel websites.  You’ll never be just a booking number to me.

Step 3Choose  your destination. I’ll provide you with a list of options meeting your style, preferences and budget. Once you make a decision, I’ll handle your bookings and put you in touch with your resort wedding planner.

Step 4 Save-the Date! (for destination wedding couples) I’ll guide you through the best ways to let your guests know when and where you’re getting married. Ideally, they need to book through me so you’ll be sure to get resort credit for every room booked. Your guests won’t pay the service fee, since they’ll be associated with your booking.  You’ll know everyone is staying at the right place and getting the right information about when they need to arrive at your destination. Better yet, they won’t be bombarding you with questions from now until your wedding!  Click here for more information on how I’ll help you and your guests.

Step 5 Off you go! You’ll concentrate on getting packed. If you’re planning a destination wedding, I’ll review the final booking sheet with your wedding coordinator to make sure all guests are associated with your group and you’re getting credit for them. Everyone receives a fact sheet, ensuring you know what to expect upon arrival at your destination. Last, but not least, I’ll contact the resort staff to make sure they know I’m sending very special clients their way. Just a few less details for you to worry about and coordinate.

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