You’ve probably seen this video by now, of the ministerial meltdown, along with comments showing very strong feelings on both sides of the aisle, so to speak. My opinion is, the minister has a point, but I think he could have handled it very differently. The entire situation could possibly have been avoided with better communication between all parties.

How Many People Does it Take to Hold a Wedding? 

Wedding pros don’t like to admit it, but we’re all expendable on the wedding day. The only ones who have to be present on the wedding day are the bride, groom and officiant. Therefore, like it or not, the officiant holds some authority, even if the ceremony isn’t in his/her house of worship. Also, since the couple has a minister and not a justice of the peace, it is a religious ceremony, which does make it about God.

However, here’s where I part ways with the reverend. It’s also a marriage ceremony, which makes it about the couple as well as God, and the couple was obviously mortified. I really don’t think the couple and their guests were focusing on God after the meltdown. I’ve asked myself, “What would Jesus do?” but I really don’t have an answer. He did get angry enough to throw money changers out of the temple, but he also turned water into wine at a wedding. He obviously values the celebration.

A Stitch in Time Save Nine (Or at Least the Sanctity of the Moment)

There’s one thing I do know. Even if the wedding isn’t in a church requiring a two page agreement signed in triplicate, wedding photographers and videographers should talk to the minister to find out what they allow. Since you want to get your money’s worth AND avoid a similar situation, be proactive in discussing ceremony guidelines with your minister. Share this information with your photographer and videographer so they can plan how to get the best shots possible while still following the minister’s guidelines.  

In short, don’t wait until the middle of your ceremony for your photographer, videographer and minister to have a pow-wow about what is and isn’t allowed.

What do you think? Was the minister justified in his reaction?

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